Monthly giveaway

September freebie – Bike Garage

James from the Bike Garage is back this month with a great prize. A full days Remedy hire from his shop in Bamford! Bonza.

Why not take a few minutes to have a look at some of the brilliant trail work the Bike Garage team do – wielding a spade as well as wielding a spanner. And pop into the shop if you’re in the area.

Or even better…. if you’re @markymato – go and collect your bike for the day!

Thanks for being KoftheP. October is going to be awesome – stay tuned.

The freebie is back! Winner announced

And have we got a summer scorcher for you. We’ve joined up with our mates Alliance MTB once more to offer you a 121 coaching session with on of their magnificent guys. Not only do Alliance MTB do some great stuff to help useless riders like me become a tiny bit better, but they are also hugely behind the work of groups like PDMTB in driving better advocacy and support for mountain biking – as well as doing shed loads themselves too. 

How to stand a chance of winning the session then? Simply ride, tweet and update @kofthep in August. We’ll pick a winner next month.




June Freebie – Bike Rehab

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 09.37.29

WINNER: @rubhead

There’s a video floating about on t’internet somewhere of me going into orbit over a tabletop and landing with a huge tyre burp and a graceful spearing into the brambles. Ah well. You don’t get these good looks without a few knocks.

Anyway, I couldn’t get my tyre back up so it was a nice walk home again. But not for one of you lucky people, no no. Those wonderful people at KoftheP supporters Bike Rehab have offered up  a co2 inflator with spare cartridges, tyre levers and patch kit.

Just the thing to save your burps.

All you need to do to be in on it is ride, tweet and update KoftheP. Oh, and tell your mates about it! Spread the word. Spread the love. Spread the burps.



5160955_origMay’s freebie – You can ring my bell winner

@cyclorisetweet have a couple to give away to some lucky KofthePers. All you need to do is send a trail update in sometime in May and we’ll give the lucky winner a tinkle at the end of the month!

A couple of winners this month! Congratulations to…

@richmacey and @chrissymtb

I went out for a nice long ride the other day. Sunny weather, busy trails. Coming up behind three walkers, two of them heard me coming, but the third was resolutely stuck to her line – oblivious to me riding behind.

Just at the point where I thought I was going to have to stop, she turned and looked at me and started to utter the oft-heard line “you should have a bell….”.

Only she stopped and then noticed the jolly little tinkly bell chiming away on my handlebar. A quick thanks from me, I rode past, flicked the bell to off and carried on my ride.

And that little tinkling bell brought many a smile to many a face that day. Including mine!

TIMBER is the first bicycle bell designed exclusively for mountain biking. Timber’s goal is simple: awareness when you need it, and silence when you don’t. But TIMBER is about more than just improving the social quality of your ride. It’s about advocacy, community, stewardship, and preserving trail access.

A smile, a friendly wave, and an improved way of signaling your presence, can help to insure that we are able to continue to enjoying the trail.

Sounds right up our street eh? They really are a nice little bit of kit too.


April’s freebie – Winner

Sometimes kicking back and letting someone else do the planning is very, very welcome. Not that I’d know of course – even my riding mates call me ‘Dad’.

But how about having your own guide for a day?

Well @arnaudg72 – you have one! As our April winner. Thanks for being a KoftheP 🙂

Peak District Mountain Biking know the excellent and varied mountain biking terrain of the Peak like the back of their hands and can tailor an adventure to suit your level of experience, fitness, ability and trail preferences. They’re qualified, experienced, first-aid trained, and most of all love mountain biking so will do everything to help you get the most from your ride. See or for more info on tours and other options.

This month’s prize is a day’s guiding for the winner and up to five friends.

You just need a helmet, gloves, suitable clothing and have a functioning mountain bike. Or course, you also need to send a tweet to @KoftheP

So get on it!

March’s Freebie – winner


Pint glass and pint not included. I’ve supped it

It’s thirsty work this mountain bike advocacy stuff. Riding a bike is too, so I hear. Not that I’d know of course.

And we all know that there’s nothing more thirst quenching after a bit of biking (or furiously emailing councillors) than a nice pint of ale. So it makes sense for us to give some away!

Magic Rock Brewing Co. is the result of three people’s passion for beer: brothers Richard and Jonny Burhouse, aided by head brewer Stuart Ross.

Inspired to start the brewery by their love of great beer and the burgeoning U.S craft beer scene in particular; and driven by a desire to bring exciting characterful beers to their local market and beyond, brewing commenced mid 2011 and is still going strong today.

And more than that, they’re big supporters of the work of biking advocacy groups. I sampled my first Magic Rock at the last Ride Sheffield social. And very nice it was too.

So the kind folk at Magic Rock have offered the following… a shed load of badges, a shed load of stickers, a cap, a snood AND £20 VOUCHER FOR FREE BEER!! As if you needed an excuse to explore the northernmost fringes of the Peak, here’s your reason.

Soooo…… who’s won? Congratulations….


Bottoms up! Get in touch and we’ll send you your prize.

Take your pick – winner

imag5488Sometimes it’s the littlest things that can make the biggest difference. And when it comes to flooded trails, simply unblocking the drainage can make an unpassable or widening trail rideable again.

On the paths we all know and love you’ll often see a little spade’s width drain, more often than not bunged up with sand or silt. The kind of stuff you can easily shift with a stick or a boot.

Peak District MTB have talked about just this kind of thing in their kick it out campaign. If you see a blocked drain, kick it out. It’ll make the world of difference.

So in support of that, this month the giveaway is two folding spades. Just little things that will fit in a pack nicely, and are just big enough to help in clearing a drain. They’ve also got a handy bottle opener on them.

And it’s been lashing it down so let’s get on to the winners! Two of you this month…

@MalGibb @RideHolme

Cheers for being KoftheP both. Get in touch and I’ll get your prize sent out.

Next up, a spot of refreshment…..

Good luck!

Live in Hope – Winner

Hi everyone, great prize this month. Si over at 18 Bikes offered up a £30 voucher for our lucky KoftheP-er! What i suggest is that they 1) Spend a tenner on a Ride Sheffield t-shirt, 2) Put a tenner in the Peak District MTB collection pot 3) put a tenner in the Mountain Rescue pot…. but it’s not up to me! It’s up to


Congratulations! I’ll put you in touch with 18 Bikes to sort out claiming your prize. Thanks for being a regular tweeter. 🙂

18New year, new monthly giveaway! And it’s a nice one this month.

18 Bikes is well known around here. Nestled in Hope, 18 have offered bikes, frames, parts, clothing and accessories along with the usual workshop services for many years now and have a pretty impressive awards cabinet reflecting their customer service.

In addition, Si and the team are thoroughly nice chaps absolutely dedicated to protecting the Peak District and promoting mountain biking in the UK. I’ve been doing a lot of work with Si recently with him in his role as part of Ride Sheffield, and it’s been a privilege. Interesting news to follow.

Anyway, 18 Bikes have offered a £30 voucher to our winner this month. Great stuff! Of course, you could always just spend £25 and stick a fiver in one of the advocacy collection tins on the desk – but who am I to suggest something like that?

All you need to do to stand a chance of winning is ride your bike in the Peak, and tweet the conditions to@KoftheP. It’s really that simple. At the end of the month I’ll pick the winner.

Good luck!

Sorted for Es and Whizz – winner

Happy new year everyone! Hope you had a good Christmas break and are all raring to go in 2017!

While I’m sure there are many hangovers out there – there’s just one for me; the announcement of who’s won the December freebie. So here goes!

The winner of a four hour e-bike demo from Peak e-bikes at Hassop station is….


Congratulations, and thanks for tweeting. Your updates really do make a difference. Get in touch with @Peakebikes and @KoftheP to sort your prize – and let us know how you get on!

There’s been a lot of talk about e-bikes over the last few months.  Think what you like about them, they certainly are intriguing and I’m sure many of you would like to have a go on one…..just to see what it’s like.

Recently, opened up in Hassop Station, on the Monsal trail. They have been hiring out and selling electric bikes since 2011 as part of their Monsal Trail Cycle Hire fleet. The amount of satisfied customers returning from their ride with massive grins on their faces made them decide to fully commit to promoting the benefits of owning an eBike, and they set up Peak eBikes earlier this year.

Now, to show their support for you doing your bit for Keeper of the Peak, Peak eBikes are our freebie prize for December.

The prize: a four hour e-bike demo. Not bad eh? More than enough time to scratch that e-bike itch and make up your mind on the whole e-bike debate.

And all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is to tweet an update on trail conditions to @KoftheP in December. That simple action means a lot to the park and it could win you the December freebie. So get riding and updating!

Ride. Tweet. Update.

November winners

It’s always fun doing the bigger giveaways – randomly selecting 10 winners from the KofthePers from the month and letting them know. Back when I started it all off even having 10 followers was brilliant, so to have nearly 1700 now and having great companies like @CrotchGuardUK supporting what KoftheP is all about is even better.

Anyway, Crotch Guard was developed for cyclists to maintain healthy skin conditions. Upon application, the silky oil absorbs into the skin. Once absorbed, it reduces friction and resulting chafing irritations, providing an effective barrier against redness, rash and potential saddle sores. Great for this time of year.

So, let’s get on to the winners. Get in touch via Twitter DM and I’ll send your bottle out!

@alwaysaheadwind | @timothystringer | @n_armstrong | @blacksteel79 | @TinaPTurner | @tyre_licker | @philipft | @mattbloke | @grumpytechnoph1 | @MrLandslide

Cheers all, thanks for being KoftheP! December’s freebie coming up.

Here’s the rub – November’s freebie

imag4992The Peak District is famous for having a particular consistency of grime that quickly turns Japan’s finest alloys into scratched, smooth hoops – sometimes seemingly in just one ride.

At this time of year that grit and grime gets everywhere. On your frame, into your chain, your drivetrain…..and all over your clothes. And let’s be honest, sometimes it gets into places you’d really rather it didn’t. And let’s be honest, sometimes it can…..rub a bit.

We all know how to look after a chain and a drivetrain – but what about your skin? Well that’s where November’s freebie picks up the ball, so to speak.

Crotch Guard was developed for cyclists to maintain healthy skin conditions. Upon application, the silky oil absorbs into the skin. Once absorbed, it reduces friction and resulting chafing irritations, providing an effective barrier against redness, rash and potential saddle sores.

And we’ve got 10 bottles to give away.

So when it’s getting grimy and your shorts are soaked – you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your delicate bits are that little bit more ready for whatever winter might throw at them.

All you need to do to stand a chance of winning one is ride your bike in the Peak, and tweet the conditions of @KoftheP. It’s really that simple. At the end of the month we’ll pick 10 random winners.

You’ll be pleased to know you only win the bottle, and not the application.

October winner

thirty3-tracer-greenIt all went a bit downhill with October’s prize. In the bike sense rather than the quality sense. In actual fact, our October prize – courtesy of JE James Cycles – was a bit of a cracker.

To show their support for KoftheP (i.e. you lot doing your bit for the Peak) they’ve given us a THE Thirty3 Tracer Composite Full Face Helmet to give away. For nowt. Well, not quite nowt – for just a tweet on trail conditions. Cracking eh?

So who’s won? Well in October we had nearly 50 people updating – thanks every single one of you – but of course only one can win.

And that winner is…..


Congratulations! We’ll put you in touch with JE James for you to claim your prize!

November’s freebie coming up…..

The monthly freebie

The monthly giveaway’s seemingly taken over the main page of, so I’m knocking it down a peg or two and moving it to it’s own page. From November, you’ll find all the freebie stuff here.