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Keeper of the Peak (@kofthep) is a twitter feed for riders in the Peak District. After a ride, riders send in details of where they’ve been and what kind of condition the path was in, then we share it with everyone else.

Everyone then gets a live(ish) update on the Peak District paths.

Hopefully we’ll together be able to minimise the impact mountain bikes have on the fragile bits of the peak. Riders can use the tweets to plan their rides too.

That’s how it all started anyway.

More recently I’ve been heavily involved in campaigning for better access, consultation and rights for mountain bikers using the peaks’ paths. I’ve also been known to throw together routes to help out riders in the area.

Give us a follow and send in your updates. You’ll be one of well over 2000 like-minded Keepers of the Peak.

In the press:

Open MTB: http://openmtb.org.uk/waymarkers/waymarkers-keeper-of-the-peak/

Award winning stuff


2017 saw me nominated for a Singletrack Reader Award for Best Online Service. An awesome accolade – made even better by being nominated by readers of the magazine. Nominated; I made it to the final and only lost out to the brilliant Ordnance Survey, so that’s not too bad.


In 2015 I was selected as a finalist in the Cycling Media Awards 2015 as ‘Cycling Advocate of the Year’. The awards celebrate and recognise the best UK media outlets, writers, bloggers, broadcasters and photographers in the world of cycling. I was runner up to Chris Boardman in the end, but what an honour to be nominated.

EditorsChoiceIn 2013 I was extremely proud to be given the Singletrackworld Editor’s Choice Award for “Favourite Bit of Social Media” – selected by sub-editor Jenn Hopkins at the magazine. This was completely unexpected but of course, very welcome, and explains the Singletrack Magazine Editors’ choice logo you see on the Twitter feed and the website. Thanks STW!


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