KoftheP community

@KoftheP has had some great support from a number of groups, individuals and companies; all of whom support responsible and improved access for mountain bikers in the Peak. Find out more in the links below.

Open MTB – https://www.facebook.com/OpenMTB

OpenMTB – Representatives from groups in the off road cycling community in England and Wales

Peak District MTB – www.peakdistrictmtb.org

Peak District MTB is an advocacy group aimed at using the collective voice of the Peak District’s resident mountain bike community and seeks to improve, preserve and promote access interests for mountain bikers who live and ride within the Peak District National Park.

Ride Sheffield – www.ridesheffield.org.uk

Ride Sheffield is an advocacy group that uses the collective might of Sheffield’s mountain bike community to improve, preserve and promote access interests for mountain bikers.

Constitutionally-bound, they aim to give mountain bikers a single voice with regard to issues relating to trail preservation and development in and around Sheffield.

Vertabrate Publishing – www.v-publishing.co.uk

Vertebrate are passionate about each and every book they publish, and they’re fanatical about the great outdoors, be it mountain biking, cycling, rock climbing or hill walking.

Not only have they published the quite excellent Peak District mountain bike guides, but they were also generous enough to provide a free ‘all weather loop’ in the Dark Peak when I put out a call for weather-proof routes. And if that isn’t enough, they provided a free guide to Eastern Moors Partnership’s White Peak loop too. Follow the links below to find out more – and buy the guide books!

Dark Peak all weather loop | Eastern moors loop

Peak-Photos – www.peak-photos.co.uk

A fine art photographer who specialises in cracking landscape pictures of the Peak District and the UK.

More importantly, Rich is a riding mate who had also taken some fine biking photos ‘on the fly’. Many of which you’ll see on this site.

Singletrack Magazine – www.singletrackworld.com

Great magazine, great supporters of KoftheP. It was in their forum that I was first jokingly called “self-appointed Keeper of the Peak”. It’s STW that gave me my first award too.


Editor’s Choice Award – 2013


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