Spirit of Kinder Event – Achieving access in Scotland

Yesterday I went along to the Spirit of Kinder event, which celebrated the Kinder Trespass of 1932 and the opening of the Pennine Way 50 years ago.
One of the talks at the event was on the Scottish Model and how it could (or should) be implemented in England. Dave Morris is a former Director of Ramblers Scotland and was at the core of the group that pushed for access – supported by the Scottish Access Code.
The Code was adopted in 2004 and provides guidance on how people can access land and waterways responsibly either by foot or unmotorised transport. It’s been hugely successful, not least economically; where despite little investment, large numbers of tourists have visited areas and business has sprung up.

So could it work here? Well why not? If you were riding a path in the Scottish borders that crossed into England and became a footpath, would you be doing more damage? No – of course not.

And that’s the crux of the code – it’s all about being responsible. Taking care of what, when and how you ride. You’ll no doubt see the parallels with KoftheP.

So what next? Well I’m going to be talking with a number of the groups who were at the meeting: Peak District MTB, National Trust, The BMC and many more who have an interest; Ride Sheffield, the Ramblers, Peak Horsepower, Accesible Derbyshire, to see what there’s the appetite to do.

Keep following.


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