A rare honour


It’s amazing to be chosen as a finalist in the Cycling Media Awards 2015, and totally unexpected.
Keeper of the Peak has been nominated by ‘a number of people’ as Cycling Advocate of the Year which is incredible for something I started just a couple of years ago as a Twitter feed to help riders avoid the gloop in the Peak. The category boasts some fantastic nominees too, including Chris Boardman and Boris Johnson no less, so to rubbing shoulders with this group is bizarre!
I was surprised when the Twitter feed hit 50 followers. The numbers now stand at over 1300 and every day more and more riders join to do their bit for the Peak.
And that is really what it is all about. I know it sounds twee, but this nomination is really for you lot – the followers, tweeters, taggers and commenters on @KoftheP. Without you lot, there wouldn’t be a KoftheP. So thank you, one and all.

Every update you send or share not only helps riders to plan, but also to protect the fragile bits of the Peak from MTB damage. It also helps to prove that we as a riding ‘community’ are taking responsibility for where we ride. When we can show that, we get listened to by the powers that be. All good stuff.
So in a few weeks I’ll go along to represent everyone who has done their bit as a ‘keeper of the peak’. Just one question? What tyres for Boris Johnson? 🙂




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