KoftheP Christmas Twitter Bingo!

bingobaubleMy grandad was a born and bred South Yorkshire man. He worked in the steelworks and enjoyed nothing more than a pint in the local Working Men’s Club of an evening.

As a result, one of our Christmas traditions was to have a pint in the club on Christmas Day and the inevitable round of bingo. So when it comes to Christmas, bingo is up there with crackers, turkey and mulled wine as a family tradition. And I thought I’d share it with you lot.

So who’s up for a bit of bingo? I’ve given it a @KoftheP twist as you’ll see in the ‘card’ below – and I’ve no idea how long it’ll take to get a full house, but it might be a laugh. Of course, it might be as good as a Betabuy Christmas cracker joke – but we won’t know unless we have a go will we!

I’ve got a couple of prizes for the winner too. So, eyes down!

KoftheP twitter bingo card


Ho ho ho




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