Well, you’ve earned it after all…


Keeper of the Peak simply couldn’t exist without you lot. Even though I would love it if I could spend my days visiting the Peak District’s paths, from the Roaches to the Roych, Cumberland Clough to Cut Gate to send you trail updates, I can’t. My mortgage lender (and wife) simply wouldn’t have it.

So you’re vital in helping fellow riders know where’s riding well and where perhaps needs a rest; you’re vital to protecting the Peak from unnecessary MTB damage; you’re vital to painting the good picture of mountain bikers we deserve.

And it’s not just me that’s noticed it.

To say a great big thanks to you for being Keeper of the Peak, a wonderful group of companies, shops and individuals have stumped up some goodies for you. And I’m just going to give them away.

All you need to do is send in an update on the condition of the Peak District trails you’ve ridden that day.

Each month we’ll have the latest goodie from one of the wonderful people below and at the end of the month, I’ll randomly pick a person who’s tweeted an update to @KoftheP. Simple.

All I then need to do is put the winner in touch with that month’s goodie giver. So who’s chipping in?

Not a bad bunch to start with eh? Visit their pages, see what they do!

So keep an eye out. Once I’ve worked out how to write it in 140 characters, I’ll kick the first freebie off in March.

And all you need to do? Go and ride your bike, then tell me what it was like.

Cracking eh?







One thought on “Well, you’ve earned it after all…

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