May’s freebie winner(s)

and-the-winner-isMay’s free giveaway was a bit special. So far this year we’ve given away a skills course so you know how to ride; a fork service so you know your bike will be in good condition when you do ride and so now we just need to give you some places to ride.

And that’s where Vertebrate Publishing have stepped in.

They’ve given us some of the finest mountain biking guide books money can buy, and – doing their bit for the Peak – they’ve also given us a free robust winter loop. The ‘all weather loop’ has become a popular go-to route when it’s wet, boggy and typically British.

So it’s great to be able to offer you the chance to win a set of Dark and White Peak guide books from VP. And not just one of you! This month, VG have given us four pairs of their guide books to give away. Not bad at all. So let’s get on with it.

The four winners of this month’s giveaway are….

@lilo_lilley           @EdaleSkyline           @smallz_swfc          @chris_the_tall

Congratulations folks, Vertebrate are waiting for you to get in touch – so thanks very much for doing your bit for the Peak District 🙂

June’s giveaway coming right up….




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