Heads up – it’s October’s giveaway

thirty3-tracer-greenI first jumped my bike up at Grenoside. I say jumped; it was more hitting the jump, flying through the air then landing, cartwheeling and smacking into some very spiky branches at the side. Still, I got back up and had another go and landed it. Great feeling.

Getting your bike off the ground has become part of riding now – especially with the growing popularity of places like Antur Stiniog and races like Steel City DH.

But you need the right kit.

J E James Cycles is one of the largest independent cycle retailers in Europe, with three large stores in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire, online, shop rides, Facebook – the lot.

I’ve had two bikes from them in the past and over the years, gallons of GT85.

To show their support for KoftheP Рand your aerial intentions РJE James have kindly offered a spanking THE Thirty3 Tracer Composite Full Face Helmet for our winner.

All you need to do is ride your bike and tweet an update to @KoftheP. There’s been nearly ¬£1000 of freebies given away already this year – so even though you’re already a winner by tweeting in, you also stand the chance of winning a great prize too! and if that prize could save you ending up with a mug like mine, even better.


(Not me in the photo by the way)

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