Heads up – it’s October’s giveaway

thirty3-tracer-greenI first jumped my bike up at Grenoside. I say jumped; it was more hitting the jump, flying through the air then landing, cartwheeling and smacking into some very spiky branches at the side. Still, I got back up and had another go and landed it. Great feeling.

Getting your bike off the ground has become part of riding now – especially with the growing popularity of places like Antur Stiniog and races like Steel City DH.

But you need the right kit.

J E James Cycles is one of the largest independent cycle retailers in Europe, with three large stores in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire, online, shop rides, Facebook – the lot.

I’ve had two bikes from them in the past and over the years, gallons of GT85.

To show their support for KoftheP – and your aerial intentions – JE James have kindly offered a spanking THE Thirty3 Tracer Composite Full Face Helmet for our winner.

All you need to do is ride your bike and tweet an update to @KoftheP. There’s been nearly £1000 of freebies given away already this year – so even though you’re already a winner by tweeting in, you also stand the chance of winning a great prize too! and if that prize could save you ending up with a mug like mine, even better.


(Not me in the photo by the way)

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