The Advocacy Files – a celebration of effort

coverThere’s some really, really excellent work being done by the mountain biking community right now. From crown jewel projects like Ride Sheffield’s trails in Lady Cannings plantation, to more subtle activity like Peak District MTB’s ongoing dialogue with Severn Trent Water; across the region a small number of dedicated individuals are putting in their time and effort to improve things for the community in the UK.

And they’ve made some huge steps forward. 

The MTB voice is now heard loud and clear in debates around access, trail development and maintenance. And of course we’ve got some brilliant stuff to ride.

Now, Ride Sheffield, Peak District MTB and Keeper of the Peak have joined forces to produce The Advocacy Files, a celebration of just some of that brilliant work that’s being done. More importantly, the booklet gives some key insights into what it took to get those projects off the ground and what lessons the groups have learned from the process.

With pages of individual case studies, it’ll give groups a clear idea of what it takes to get things moving. More than that, it’s clear evidence of the work the mountain biking community puts in to drive forward the responsible and constructive growth of the sport.

Take it. Copy it. Share it. Nick examples, use the content here to inform how you and your groups do stuff.  And if you want to be in it, get in touch.

Below you can see the individual case studies. Over time, as more come in I’ll group them by topic but for now this will do.


What do you reckon? Comment below.


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