Let there be light

As well as Cut Gate, the BMC are also behind the Great Ridge appeal in this year’s Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million campaign.

Tonight, hundreds of volunteers went up on to a very cold and very breezy ridge line overlooking Castleton to show their support. I was one of them. Shorts were a silly idea.

But looking out on that ridge it was breathtaking to see the support for the campaign represented – literally – in lights.

The BMC and the Peak District National Park Park have been fantastic in their support of our Cut Gate appeal. We’ve still some way to go, but seeing the entire length of the Great Ridge lit up from Mam Tor to Lose Hill is an inspiring and motivational sight.

My picture doesn’t do it justice but I’m sure the official shot will. Hopefully you’ll feel as inspired as I was.

There are events coming up in support of Cut Gate, but of course you might be inspired to do your own thing. Let me know.

Finally, thanks BMC for a great experience and thanks to all the marshalls and participants for supporting Mend Our Mountains.

Want to donate? Links here:




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