Firewatch: we can play a part

UPDATED: As Ilkley Moor burns, the message is still the same

The fire up on Saddleworth Moor is devastating. The damage to the environment, wildlife and vegetation will take years to recover.

When it’s this dry, the smallest spark or trigger can lead to huge amounts of damage. Ashes blown from a barbecue, a broken glass, a dropped cigarette butt – that tiny start can lead to damage like that on the moors right now.

But we can help.

You are all in the at risk areas regularly. As a KoftheP follower you’re already sensitive to the ground conditions so can we do a little bit more? The Peak District National Park has asked for your help.

Through the experience of many years of fighting moorland fires it has become clear that the sooner a fire is reported, and equipment and personnel are sent to tackle a wildfire after it starts, the greater the chance of containing it and preventing it from becoming deep-seated in the underlying peat. The result is a reduction in both the severity of the damage and subsequent cost, plus an increase in the speed of recovery.

So please

  • Report sightings of smoke at the earliest possible moment, and most importantly, identify as accurately as possible where the fire is
  • Share the message to report moorland fires by calling 999
  • Raise awareness of the risks to members of the public who’re out on the moors.
  • Take any glass you might find home with you

The Fire Severity Index is currently “Very High”. If it reaches “exceptional” the moors will be closed. Details here:

As KofthePers we can really help with keeping vigilant, so please do. If you see a fire, call it in. The fire brigade would much rather get 10 calls than have to send 10 crews up on to the moors.

cheers everyone



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