Double down

It’s no surprise that Ian MacGill – the bitter minded, nasty little individual that edits blue bin fodder Grapevine has decided to compound his bile against cyclists. I’m not going to bother linking, as it seems the narcissistic little prat is also thriving on the attention he’;s getting from this.

I had written a long blog about my thoughts on Grapevine, and Macgill. But do you know what? The mountain biking community is better than that. Through the activities of groups like Peak District MTB, Ride Sheffield and Keeper of the Peak, the various groups using trails have never been closer. Thanks to their efforts, collaborative projects are commonplace and cooperative activity is the thing.

Nearer the city centre, Cycle Sheffield are doing a magnificent job in promoting the safety and improved access of riders.

Plus, I’ve got better things to do.

He might not like to recognise the fact, but the city is a biking city. The Tour de France showed that. The brilliant support for mountain biking shows that. The fact that one of the main thoroughfares into the city is going to be closed for a whole day next weekend so riders can ride traffic free (Let’s Ride event) show that.

The audience for your nastiness, Ian, is dwindling.

And the support for riders is there too. In last, crazy, seven days, I’ve had local news pick up on the blog and syndicate the story regionally. There’s interest from national papers too.

I have to raise a glass to those advertisers who have pulled their money from Grapevine. Bravo folks. You can see who below.

So, no matter the thoughts of irrelevant advertorial writers, there’s just one more thing to do. Get out on your bike. Enjoy the brilliant increasing access around Sheffield and the Peak, join an advocacy group and turn a pedal over.

  • The Foundry Climbing Centre have pulled all advertising
  • Otto’s Restaurant have asked for the editorial to be pulled and for an apology to all involved.
  • S11 Carpets and Flooring who are removing adverts until an apology is made. “I spoke with Grapevine today, doesn’t appear that they will issue an apology. I have told them that I won’t advertise with them next month as planned unless they apologise. They just said they understood my feelings.”
  • Tapton Hall Sheffield who have stopped their advertising and are in discussions with the editors
  • The Strines Inn have cancelled all advertising
  • 1st Call Gas Services will not renew advertising with Grapevine after the August issue and have said “comments on his editorial are just completely unnecessary and disgusting. We also feelwhether it was a ‘joke’ or not he should apologise for his actions.“

But there are still loads we haven’t heard from. Let them know your thoughts.

  • Sheffield Window Centre who seemingly after consulting with directors decided to continue.
  • New Image, Middlewood
  • Disygn Ltd
  • Charlesworth Landscapes
  • Wragg Roofing and Building
  • Borden Electrics
  • Local Heat and Warmth
  • Silverdale Garden Services
  • Tim Mycroft Group Services
  • The Porterbrook Care Home
  • Grand Interior Designs
  • DWS Ltd
  • Fulwood Motor Company
  • BMV Custom Car Centre
  • Hillcare Care Home
  • Tavern Service Station
  • H2O Bathrooms
  • Bents Green Nursery
  • Alugate
  • Supafit
  • The Eye Place
  • Alfredo’s Spanish
  • Chauffer Class Service
  • Drew Decor Store
  • Visual Bathrooms
  • John Heath and Sons
  • Your PC’s Best Friend
  • I Can
  • Oakbrook Upholstery
  • WTV Service
  • Scape Easy
  • Bespoke Blinds
  • Fireplace Factory
  • Layers Flooring
  • TecNick Autos
  • Aerials Above
  • Steve’ll Fix It
  • Fulwood Garden Services
  • Graham Bathrooms
  • Dragonfly Tree Services
  • Rosalind Watcher Solicitor
  • Quality Kitchen Facelifts
  • SGS Gutter Services
  • IJD Electrical
  • Groundforce Landscapes
  • Malden Roofind
  • Shepherd Plumbing and Heating
  • Overdale Care Home
  • Charles Brooks
  • MJ Lee Joiners
  • Westside Gardens
  • Star Upholstery
  • CM Baker Ltd
  • The Oven Guy
  • Dalton Roofing
  • Bensons Carpets
  • Clean Care
  • Central Glass Ltd
  • David J. Martin
  • Appliance World
  • Sheffield Kitchen Interiors

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