Listen up! We’ve got a podcast


Ilogot’s been sometime coming but finally, me and Katie Marlow aka MTB for Mental Health are chuffed to bring you our first podcast. It hasn’t even got a name.

We don’t know what we’re going to put on it. We don’t know where it’ll go (if anywhere), but we thought we’d just get about and have a chat with some interesting people in the world of mountain biking locally and see what they’ve got to say. If you like it, great – let us know and when we get time we’ll try to line up some more.

In the first podcast I had a chat with the legend that is Nick Howarth. You’ll hear from him in the podcast; introducing him is difficult ‘cos he does so bloody much with his time it’s difficult to give him a label. Let’s just say he’s a thoroughly nice bloke who can ride a bit. And the clue to how long it’s taken to finally get around to publishing this is right there in his comment on the weather….

Hopefully in the coming months we’ll find a few more thoroughly nice folk to talk to. Shouldn’t be hard ‘cos mountain biking’s full of ’em.

So  grab a beer, have a listen, (optimistically) subscribe, share and tell us your thoughts.



2 thoughts on “Listen up! We’ve got a podcast

  1. Great first podcast, really interesting to hear about the people doing such good work behind the scenes on trail building and advocacy. Looking forward to hearing more in the future.


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