Third time lucky?

To say I’m stoked to be a finalist in the Singletrack Reader Awards 2019 is a understatement.

I’ve been doing this for a few years now – hoping to help riders have a good ride while looking after the Peak District . In The last few years it’s grown a bit bigger with KoftheP being seen as a voice for mountain bike advocacy in some pretty unexpected places – this year has been crazy.

But still, day in, day out you lot are sharing your updates and letting other riders know where’s good to ride and where’s best avoided. It’s a cracking little community and something I’m really proud of. You should be too ‘cos really you make KoftheP.

Anyway, getting the nod from readers of Singletrack is pretty cool. Not least because the whole idea for KoftheP began on the singletrack forum. That’s where the name came from too. But mainly because when it’s a nomination from other riders it makes it just that bit more special.

So when it comes to the awards, it’d be great to get your vote.

And while you’re voting – put a vote against 18 Bikes for the Best Bike Shop. Si and I led on the Mend Our Mountains appeal for Cut Gate campaign and he’s been a leading voice in the world of advocacy – making stuff better for riders. Yes, the award’s not for that, but who’s asking? Stick a tick against 18 Bikes too.

Thanks for your support everyone.

STRAW19_Best Online Service Finalist


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