Ramorum disease – help stop the spread

Woodlands across the UK – including sites in our area – are being affected by a disease which can kill and severely damage trees. Mountain bikers and other woodland users are being asked to help stop the spread.

Recently, cases of Ramorum disease (Phytophra Ramorum) – a highly infectious pathogen – were found in Eckington Woods and the Moss Valley, and as there is no treatment for this fatal disease, the only option available to manage or contain it is clear felling, a process which is under way now. The disease is harmless to humans.

Clearly any felling of woodland is desperately sad and to be avoided at all costs, so we’re been asked to take steps to avoid spreading the disease; highly infectious, it can be carried in soil, plant needles or leaf litter so is easily transported from place to place by a passing boot, hoof or tyre. If you think you might have passed through or near an affected area, you’re asked to thoroughly clean your bike off before going elsewhere and if possible, avoid visiting the affected areas.

The Moss Valley currently has a statutory plant health notice so people are asked to avoid the area and any area where Ramorum disease notices are shown. While it is devastating for the woodland to face such extreme containment actions, it’s vital to keep the disease from spreading further and resulting in much wider spread felling activities.

If I hear more, I’ll add more details – but for now, please listen to the experts, if you see the signs, don’t risk it.


One thought on “Ramorum disease – help stop the spread

  1. We were told in September 10,000 trees being cut down at Lamaload near Macc forest.. its airborne too. Spread by walking riding as well as vehicled.. They have had it on teggs nose for a long time too and someone said its in Macc forest now as well( but that’s unconfirmed). It spreads really quickly.. such a shame but cutting the trees down is the only option..

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