KoftheP needs your vote – I’ve been shortlisted for Volunteer of the Year!!!

I can’t quite believe it, but wonderfully (and very gratefully), I’ve been shortlisted for the Volunteer of the Year Award in the Campaign for National Parks Park Protector Awards.

First of all – thank you. One of you has nominated me (maybe more than one of you), and that makes me so proud, knowing that this daft little thing I do to make riders rides just that little bit better has meant something to you and you value it. Thank you so much for that – you don’t know how much it means to me.

Out for a walk in Edale

Keeper of the Peak was just a twitter feed when I started it. I never thought it would lead me into some of the conversations I’ve had, some of the places I’ve been and now, bizarrely, to an award ceremony at the Houses of Parliament.

But to get there I really, really need your vote.

The Park Protector Awards recognise the efforts of staff and volunteers working in National Parks in England and Wales over the past year or so. So if what I’ve been doing on KoftheP has made a difference for you, please vote.

It’s been a funny old year as the restrictions have lifted and more people have been out there, and with that it’s felt more important to try to look after the Peak. I love this place.

It’s a real honour to be nominated. A real honour. And that’s because its someone who follows me who has nominated Keeper of the Peak for this. Someone has seen value in the effort I put in to improve things for the mountain biking community (and others) in the Peak District and seen how much I care about it. For them to have taken the time to put me forward means a lot and is really encouraging. Thank you to who ever it was – I really mean that.

But KoftheP is just the name. The real honour should go to all those who contribute – you lot. If anything this nomination is for the entire community of people who follow and share. You’re the ones who make it work and I love that. What does it mean to be shortlisted? Well that means that you see real value in what I do to look after the Peak. I’m sure there were loads of brilliant, brilliant nominees, so to be selected is very rewarding. I hope it makes a positive difference. This says that others think it does, and that makes me very proud. 

Please vote now


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