Ticked off?

Understandably I’ve been watching the turmoil at Twitter Inc. with interest.
The core of KoftheP has been the concise nature of the platform and the easy access. Not burdened with the verbosity of Facebook; more explanatory the Instagram. More instantaneous than a web update; more public than a WhatsApp group. And no, I’m not ever going to do KoftheP TikToks.
But the uncertainty swirling around the platform at the moment is of some concern – though maybe not for the reasons you’d think.
The follows I and I suspect you have on Twitter determine that our feeds aren’t really that political. My preferences tend to ensure that the content which people fear will grow on Twitter with Musk’s changes, simply isn’t presented to me (or I guess you) when you use it. Musk claims it’s reduced, but still, that content is still there on the platform and there’s a palpable sense of people with intent being emboldened by the changes afoot.
It is far, far from out of sight, out of mind.
The way Twitter’s new ‘management’ are treating their employees is unethical. And this is the challenge I find. I’ve always aimed to do things the right way on KoftheP; indeed, it’s why KoftheP was set up really and the drum I’ve been banging for years. For the very platform on which it was built to be the headline act in global unethical business behaviour is challenging to say the least and as such I’m having to think long and hard about what to do. It feels vaguely hypocritical to talk ethics as I do, on a platform led by someone who is so brazenly challenging an ethical and indeed moral approach to business.
I’ve seen a small reduction in followers.
So what to do? Move elsewhere and hope you, the KoftheP community come with me? Build parallel streams on other channels? Go the to the Winchester, have a pint and wait for this all to blow over?
It’s very early days. There are inflammatory headlines reporting inflammatory tweets. There’s a sad stream of ex-Twitter employees talking about their abrupt exit from the offices of Twitter. But there are also reports of buyer’s remorse and the markets are reacting in kind to the sharp business practices shown.
Will Elon’s foray into social media backfire? Will he have to soften his approach and straighten up a bit? I don’t know. With reports of yearly interest payments on purchase loans vastly outstripping annual revenue, the financial acrobatics are going to be fascinating. And then there’s the tantalising prospect of thousands of devs with the expertise to create a great social media platform now at a loose end.
It’s not an existential crisis for KoftheP yet. I am watching what’s going on though.


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