Heads up – it’s the August giveaway

The guys (and girls) at Alpkit have got their heads screwed on. The company was borne out of a love of the outdoors. When the founders’ outdoor kit started falling to bits, they decided to make their own. And Alpkit is the result. They’ve got a great range of kit – I know, I’ve got a couple of gammas), but more importantly – an ethos to treat people right and do things the right way.

Anyway, the lovely people at Alpkit have decided to say thanks to you doing your bit for the Peak District by providing our August freebie. And this month, there won’t be just one lucky winner but 10!!

Alpkit have offered up 10 Viper headtorches. Great for camping trips, loading the car, hunting in the shed – great little lights.

And all you need to do is update @KoftheP with trail conditions in the Peak at some point in August.If each of you sends just one update a month, you’ll get about four updates a day. Not a bad return on your investment eh?

So keep updating for a chance to win.

Ride. Tweet. Update.viper_colours_1200_803auto


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