July’s freebie winner

and-the-winner-isIn July, the soldering iron wielding, battery toting,  light-bringing extraordinaire Smudge @mtbbatteries offered up a triple rear light for our lucky winner to help get you home safely when you’re caught out on a long evening ride (much as I was the other night – oops).

Smudge is a bit of a legend in the MTB world  – providing a bespoke service to many riders who are after that little bit extra when it comes to lighting up the trails. He’s built up a few batteries for me in the past and they’ve been great – sound quality.

So who’s our winner….drum roll please….



Cheers Ben! Welcome to KoftheP and thanks for doing your bit. I’ll put you in touch with Smudge to arrange your prize delivery! Let us know what you think of the light.

August’s prize coming up :o)










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