Image conscious…

Social Media Toolkit-02

Anybody who knows me will tell you I’m not really that focused on how I look. As long as it’s comfortable/practical/not offensive it’s a winner as far as I’m concerned. And as far as my bike goes – well the words ‘coordinated’ and ‘colourway’ are not often used when people try to describe my battered old Zesty.

So when the very kind folk at offered to give @kofthep and a bit of a makeover, I couldn’t really argue! They’re visual experts in their field – and perhaps more importantly, they’re lovers of the Peak – so they get what KoftheP is all about.

So a few conversations later, some creative wielding of digital crayons and a healthy dose of  artistic flair, Greg came up with the things you see on this page. And I rather like them. The new look Twittersphere is there now – nice shiny new suit – and I’ll be updating the website when I get time. Hope you like it.

I’ve been heavily involved in a number of campaigns now – reassuringly with the backing of you 1500 fantastic followers – so now, when you see something with the logo below stamped on it, you know that KoftheP is involved; protecting the Peak, looking after the riders and fighting our corner when it comes to access and rights.

And all you need to do, as always, is….

Ride. Tweet. Update.





Social Media Toolkit-01

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