Like cake? You’ll love September’s freebie!

We’ve had coaching, we’ve had services, we’ve had guidebooks, we’ve had lights. So perhaps now it’s time for something a little different!

Cafe Adventure in Hope has rapidly made a name for itself as a welcome stop off for walkers, riders, and anyone wanting a good coffee and some fantastic food. Billy and Rachel were former chefs at Chatsworth of all places so what’s good enough for the Duke and Duchess is definitely good enough for you lot. And it’s good enough for me. Last time I was in it was a chocolate tart and black coffee for me. Cracking.

So in September, our free giveaway is a £20 voucher at the Cafe. That’s more than enough cake! All you need to do is tweet an update to @KoftheP sometime in September and we’ll pick one of you for the freebie.

Happy riding!


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