Rushup. DCC see sense?

It’s come a bit out of the blue.

After over two years of campaigning, letters, meetings, arguments, emails and lots and lots of late nights, it finally looks like we may be getting to the end of the Rushup Edge saga.

On September 13th, DCC published their latest, revised plans for Chapel-en-Frith Byway Open to All Traffic – commonly known to us all as Rushup Edge. They’ve also opened up another period of consultation until November 28th.

So what do the plans show? Well you can see for yourself here . But if you don’t have time to do that, here’s my summary

  • Roych Clough to be used as a benchmark for the rocky sections. Natural bedrock to remain where possible
  • Long Causeway (Stanage)-esque drainage proposed
  • Long Causeway style gritstone to be used on the bottom end (from what I can tell)

It’s seemingly ok. The big push from the collective opponents to the work – KoftheP, PDMTB et al was to look at the very least at Roych Clough as an example of work carried out that was welcomed by all. It looks like that’s got through.

But a word of caution. The plans are not that detailed. They leave room for DCC to still take whatever approach they want to the track with just a light nod towards the desired stone pitching.

I’m going to be working closely with Peak District MTB and other partners to push DCC for more details so we can see what they really plan to do.

Is it a success then? Well, yes. Without the campaign, without your support emails, posts and overwhelmingly backing for what we’ve been pushing we may have given up and seen Rushup as a sacrificial lamb to the gods of advocacy awareness. But we’d have been looking at another dump of aggregate to be washed away in the next heavy rain.

But that’s not what’s planned. It looks, by all accounts, like we’ve been listened to.

We can’t count our chickens of course. We need to see that further detail – and there’s still two months of consultation; the fors and againsts, amendments and revisions –  but it’s certainly a better looking outcome than we were expecting.

Let’s hold them to their promise. And let them know what you think via their consultation link.





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