Cut Gate Path – Let’s talk about it


It’s an outline of a debate….

You’ll have no doubt seen online recently that I’ve been doing a bit of work with Ride Sheffield and Peak District MTB on looking at what can be done (or indeed, needs to be done) on Cut Gate.

It’s time for you to join the debate.

You hear “at this time of year it’s best avoided” quite a lot regarding the path, but over the last few years that “time of year” has seemingly spread for about 11 months with two golden weeks in summer where it’s rideable and two frosty weeks in winter when it’s frozen.

The worry is that the collective effect of riders, walkers, horses and others up there has had an impact on the moorland – it’s just mountain bikers always seem to get the finger pointed at them.

We’ve worked on a document  that looks at the problem and suggests possible actions to take. It’s going to be shared far and wide to get as many thoughts and opinions as we can on what people think needs to happen. It’s certainly going to create a debate – and that can only be a good thing.

Even better, the document has the endorsement and support of the Peak District National Park, Sheffield City Council and The Outdoor City as well as 18 Bikes, Bike Garage and of course RS and PDMTB.

It’s a truly collaborative effort.

It’s going to be shared with the local access forum as well as other interested groups to begin the process of getting feedback. You can see it online from Ride Sheffield or Peak District MTB. Take a look. Share it. Discuss it on the pages.

Join the debate online and keep up your support!




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