Rise to the bait or bite your tongue?

IMAG1135I had a fantastic ride today. 18 miles in one of the quieter corners of the peak, a few muddy puddles, a few drainage channels kicked clear, some excellent descents (one thumping fall)….and two weird, unexpected challenges to us just being out on our bikes.

What do you do? Argue or bite your tongue?

Try the first one. Rocky descent done and dusted, linking two bridleways together on a road stretch. One rider way out in front and off up the turning already, then me and my friend riding two abreast having a chat. On the pavement; a chap walking a dog

“Morning!” I say, “Lovely day for it!”

“Morning!” he says, “It is!”

Then a few seconds later, “RIDE SINGLE FILE”

Rise to it? Ignore it?

The second, get to a gate to find a large group of pensioners sheltering behind the wall having a lovely picnic. Small talk.

“Was it you we saw coming down the other side?”, “Yeah that was us”, “We heard you first”, “Oh”.

Then delivered through a sweet, sweet smile; “Are you going to go and churn it all up some more then?” As we sat at the top of the rocky, resilient, specifically chosen Coldwell Clough.

What do you say? It’s a real Catch 22. Respond with evidence [EXHIBIT ONE, YOUR HONOUR] oh, and [EXHIBIT TWO, TOO, AND THREE, AND FOUR], or just ignore it?

The trouble is, you argue and mountain bikers are seen as argumentative. You don’t and we’re see as effectively in agreement with what we’re being accused of. Catch 22.

I offered a couple of answers but the moment had gone.

How do you approach that kind of thing? Comments below!










One thought on “Rise to the bait or bite your tongue?

  1. Much as we dislike cluttering up the bars with a bell, a few dings surprises the less friendly and cuts the usual gripe out from under their feet. By the time they’ve come up with some other whinge, I’ve said good morning and sailed on by.


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