In praise of the bimble

I’ve noticed something with my riding in recent years; with the pressures of work, family, jobs….life, the much needed therapy of a ride gets squeezed in when possible. Or squeezed out entirely.

My rides are no longer lazy explorations of the peak, instead they’re highlights packages – a frantic blast to the best descent, bish bash bosh, back to it.

So it’s a refreshing change to take the foot off the accelerator, pick up a map and go out and explore some trails which I’ve not ridden for many years, if at all. And that was tonight.

A few fun descents, some steady climbs, grassy meadows, sheep, deer, cows, tonnes of flies and not another person in sight. It was bliss.

A quick run along the old railway (dodging the army cadets) and I was soon on perfect meadow singletrack. Ignoring the clouds of flies buzzing round my head, the ride couldn’t have been more picturesque. No rush to the descent – just a bimble along in a field, up the farm track and over towards Haddon Hall.



You notice things when you ride like that, like the single-prop plane sitting in one of the meadows ready for take off. I think the guy who saw me taking a photo thought I was going to nick it. Little sights make for a memorable ride.

More bimbling and Chatsworth soon came into view, the stately home and the tea rooms of Edensor a welcome change from the spin out over Houndkirk. Jumps and dodging sheep on the drop to the road a very different experience to the gritstone rock of the Dark Peak.

Of course, it’s still nice to have a little bit of a blast in a ride and the golf course descent at Bakewell fits the bill nicely, and pops you out just by the railway again for a spin back to the car; satisfied, relaxed, bimbled.

So give it a go. Pick up a map and string some bridleways together. Embrace the bimble.

This post in honour of @grumpytechnoph1 – get well soon old chap. It’s quieter on the twitter without you riding!



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