A vote for you

21442924_10159219520050587_1814290550_nToday I had the brilliant news that I was nominated for a Singletrack Magazine Reader Award for Best Online Service. Though I knew a couple of people were intending on nominating me (thank you!), I never thought I’d be shortlisted as a finalist. And to be nominated alongside such brilliant services as the Ordnance Survey and SixthElement is astounding. Thank you.

But it’s not really a vote for me. It’s a vote for you. KoftheP is you – every single one of you who takes that few moments to drop me an update on your ride. That little update you send in has a massive impact, not only for the places you ride or your fellow riders who use your update to decide where to go for a pedal; but also for mountain bikers as a whole.

Your tweet shows that we care about where we ride, that we’re responsible, and that we will play a part in looking after it. That has helped to unlock a huge load of positive responses from formerly challenging groups.

There’s more to do of course, but that’s all part of the fun. And what can you do to help? Just keep on tweeting to KoftheP.

Thank you all – it really means a lot.

Oh, and vote!!!!! Go and vote for Keeper of the Peak in the Singletrack Reader Awards.


Thanks as always to Peak District MTB, Ride Sheffield and the Peak District National Park Authority for your support.

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