Rushup Edge – common sense finally wins out?

There’s been some alarm and speculation about new activity up on Rushup Edge.

As you know, Peak District MTB has been tirelessly working to get DCC to see sense in their approach and after over four years of pushing them to consult properly, consider the feedback given and take a common sense approach it finally lookslike they may have listened.

You can see the results of PDMTB’s dogged determination here.

Though I’m reluctant to call this a victory, it is worth pointing out that this is exactly what Peak District MTB, Keeper of the Peak and the the various groups involved in our original feedback to DCC asked to be done to BOAT 144 all those years ago.

We’re holding our breath but

the it finally looks like things may be going in the right (and proper) direction.

Bravo PDMTB on all your efforts.


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