Tough choice – BHF challenge postponed

It takes a lot to put on an event like the BHF Mountain Bike Challenge.

From the arranging the location to booking the sites, from working with the national park to getting all the online stuff up and running.

Then there’s merchandise and marketing, the medical cover and marshalls.

Way before all that, there’s the route planning and timing.

Which is why it’s an incredibly tough decision for them to have postponed.

But it’s the right one. With 45mph winds and driving rain predicted it’s a sensible choice not only for the safety of the riders, but also the marshalls out on the hill. Of course, the sopping wet trails will also be spared the extra traffic too.

Well done to the BHF for making such a tough decision.

Now, for the rescheduled event, let’s make it a cracker.

These events need your help. Not just in riding them, but in things like marshalling. If you can get involved, please contact Details of the rescheduled event will be coming shortly.


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