Trail of betrayal?

Derbyshire County Council have begun work on Rushup Edge, using approaches completely at odds with those promised in an email just a few weeks ago.

The track – Chapel-en-le-Frith BOAT 144 – has been the subject of a highly contentious consultation process where DCC have faced criticism from all user groups for their poor approach to discussion, consultation and design.

In an email to advocacy group Peak District MTB, who have been campaigning for a sensitive approach to the repairs, the group were told that

  • DCC have concluded that minimal intervention is the way forward and they do not plan major construction work on the route
  • The aim of DCC is to preserve the natural surface to avoid any form of infill and construction
  • DCC plan to test some sections of the route in March, this will involve removing and stock piling loose stone and where there are significant holes to fill these with material gathered on site
  • DCC expect to be on-site for a month, this is because there is a lot of manual work involved work in re-instating selected areas, this is being done on an as needed basis. DCC only expect to discover this once they have picked the length of Chapel Gate from the road to the gate on the moor

Today, photos have shown that

  • DCC have used extensive infill on the track.
  • DCC have used stone set in concrete
  • DCC contractors have caused significant damage to adjoining banks
  • DCC have used mechanical equipment liberally.

The evidence of shown today, it is my honest opinion, based on these directly contradictory statements and actions that we – KoftheP, PDMTB, Ride Sheffield, the various supporting groups and the thousands of people who contributed to the spurious consultations DCC performed – have been misled.

The work done at the bottom is shocking.

Rest assured, I, PDMTB and other groups are urgently finding out more – starting with the Rights of Way officer most heavily involved in the decisions relating to Rushup. Is this just test activity or is this the approach they had planned all along?

His response today?

Out of office.


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