Mam Tor summit lift receives positive support

Campaigners have reacted with cautious optimism to proposed plans for a combined horse, bike and walker chair lift from Castleton to the summit of Mam Tor.

The lift, which aims to open from a year today, will take users directly from a purpose built facility by the visitor centre to a ‘disembarking’ point close to the trig point at the summit, where they can then enjoy the views, make their own way down or take a return journey. The ride up should take approximately 15 minutes and will offer users panoramic views of the Hope Valley and a close up view as it ascends the face of the shimmering mountain.

“With the foundational work completed beneath Mam Tor, we can now move to the next exciting phase in developing the project,” says Isa Kiddingson, CEO of Gondola Solutions, the company behind the proposal. “We’ll begin erecting the first of the necessary pylons later this month before starting work on the stations required at the top and bottom. The gift shop plans are exciting too.”

Similar projects in Aprillipäivän Vuori, Finland and Sherzo Siocco Forest Park, Italy have proven hugely successful and the company is excited to be expanding into the UK here in the Peak District.

“While earlier proposals did meet some opposition, we’re pleased we’ve now found a compromise which all parties are happy with,” adds Isa.

“While our tried and tested system, ‘DobboPult’ was a sound plan for this location, we unfortunately didn’t have the space required for the launch power needed. A proposed enhancement of this approach – our prototype system ‘TrebuVelo’ was shelved as a result.”

The ‘Hope Valley Line’ will take paying customers from Summer 2025. Horses will enjoy a ride in a specially designed cradle with their riders following in a regular ski lift chair. Bikes and riders will enjoy the journey up on recyled cycle carriers gathered from local Facebook groups.

“We’re proud of our green credentials and our Facebook marketplace policy means we’ll have a steady supply of spare parts where needed. Our supply partners in Facebook have been overwhelmingly supportive.”

Speaking on Facebook messenger, Avin Alaff said, “This still available? Can you deliver to Castleton?”

What do you think? Share your thoughts on the plans. Gondola Solutions invites comments on their page here


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