Whatever happened to that KoftheP….?

KoftheP – aka me – has been a bit quiet recently. Previously I’d aim to get at least a tweet a day out with the hope that a handful would come back; almost a digital spinning of the plates if you like.

Thankfully this is such a wonderful community that I haven’t and don’t have to do that really that much as you awesome people keep diligently updating like the true altruistic community minded souls you are.

Thst said, the community has never been far from mind for me and I do always love seeing the updates come in every day.

But it begs the question, “What have I been up to?”

Well I’ve been busy doing other community mtb stuff with a smattering of real life thrown in for good measure.

I’ve even ridden in some big hills

Firstly, I’m now the chair of Peak District MTB, the UK’s largest volunteer led MTB advocacy group. Busy stuff in the group as they take on the role of guarding the bridleways of the Peak and pushing for greater access with landowners. Visit peakdistrictmtb.org for more on what we’re up to. Including planning our 10 year anniversary…

Then I’ve picked up a regular column in the excellent Cranked magazine. Yep, my witterings have actually found a receptive audience and you can read my slightly more carefully composed thoughts in the pages of the UK’s most beautiful MTB magazine – seriously, get it. Despite my nonsense in there it is a stunning thing every quarter.

Talking magazines, I’ve also had some fun with the wonderful folk at Singletrack magazine. Not only have I been the focus of Hannah’s questions for their Desert Island disc brakes podcast, but I’ve also been interviewed for a feature AND helped Barney plan and do a route in the dark peak for the mag. I truly love this mag and have done from issue 1. Another very worthwhile subscription and shining light in the mtb world – again; despite my witterings.

Finally mtb related, I’ve been plouging ahead with developing and establishing The Trail Pot: National Mountain Biking Investment Fund. This could/will be big. As such, I’m doing a lot of dotting Is and crossing Ts. Registering charity is tough going – but I’ve been plugging away. Just tonight it’s been Trustee management. But I have to be diligent and do it right as when it works, it’ll be riders’ money being invested.

Oh, and then put my family and work in there too and you’ll understand that it’s a busy time.

I’m loving it though.

Stay tuned and thanks for the ever ongoing support.


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