Mend Our Mountains: Cut Gate Path


Today we launch our Cut Gate campaign.

Cut Gate is one of the those paths that comes up time and time again on @KoftheP. Normally it’s a “what’s Cut Gate like?” question. Pretty regularly, it’s a conditions update. Very, very rarely it’s an update which says “Cut Gate’s great, ride it”. Perhaps only after a baking few days, or in a deep freeze.

So it’s a great, great privilege to be in the position to do something about it.

Cut Gate has been adopted by the BMC as one of its primary projects in the Mend Our Mountains campaign Conversations were kicked off by me and Ride Sheffield, and working with Peak District MTB, the “Cut Gate thing” was first picked up by the Peak District National Park Authority, supported by the horse riding and walking groups locally and eventually selected as one of the primary Mend Our Mountains projects. It’s fair to say we didn’t expect that!

It’s fantastic recognition for this collaborative project and is something I’ve been proud to be heavily involved in from the early days.

So what’s going on?

Well working with Moors for the Future – the PDNPA supported conservation group – we’ve pulled together a plan to sensitively patch up the various boggy bits up top while maintaining the character of the trail. Every one of us involved in the project loves Cut Gate for the same reasons you do – so to be leading the conversation on how it should be sorted is exactly where we need to be. Even better; very influential groups are willing to support us both financially and in every other way.

But enough of this. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Tomorrow our pages will be live so get over to to get the full details on the ‘Cut Gate thing’.

Second, tell everyone you know about it. And get them to support it however they can! We need just about everything people, groups and businesses can do: pure cash, sponsorship, promotion, moral support, everything. But mainly money. Please chip in what you can. You’ll find a range of information on

So, shamelessly, Cut Gate will form a big part of what I’m bonging on about for the next few months. And I see no shame in that. You want to ride Cut Gate. I want to ride Cut Gate. Let’s sort it so we can.

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*Thanks to supporters so far: Magic Rock Brewery for Bike Day, Paul Testa Architecture for printing and Radventure for the awesome photos.

Heads up – it’s October’s giveaway

thirty3-tracer-greenI first jumped my bike up at Grenoside. I say jumped; it was more hitting the jump, flying through the air then landing, cartwheeling and smacking into some very spiky branches at the side. Still, I got back up and had another go and landed it. Great feeling.

Getting your bike off the ground has become part of riding now – especially with the growing popularity of places like Antur Stiniog and races like Steel City DH.

But you need the right kit.

J E James Cycles is one of the largest independent cycle retailers in Europe, with three large stores in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire, online, shop rides, Facebook – the lot.

I’ve had two bikes from them in the past and over the years, gallons of GT85.

To show their support for KoftheP – and your aerial intentions – JE James have kindly offered a spanking THE Thirty3 Tracer Composite Full Face Helmet for our winner.

All you need to do is ride your bike and tweet an update to @KoftheP. There’s been nearly £1000 of freebies given away already this year – so even though you’re already a winner by tweeting in, you also stand the chance of winning a great prize too! and if that prize could save you ending up with a mug like mine, even better.


(Not me in the photo by the way)

Like cake? You’ll love September’s freebie!

We’ve had coaching, we’ve had services, we’ve had guidebooks, we’ve had lights. So perhaps now it’s time for something a little different!

Cafe Adventure in Hope has rapidly made a name for itself as a welcome stop off for walkers, riders, and anyone wanting a good coffee and some fantastic food. Billy and Rachel were former chefs at Chatsworth of all places so what’s good enough for the Duke and Duchess is definitely good enough for you lot. And it’s good enough for me. Last time I was in it was a chocolate tart and black coffee for me. Cracking.

So in September, our free giveaway is a £20 voucher at the Cafe. That’s more than enough cake! All you need to do is tweet an update to @KoftheP sometime in September and we’ll pick one of you for the freebie.

Happy riding!

Heads up – it’s the August giveaway

The guys (and girls) at Alpkit have got their heads screwed on. The company was borne out of a love of the outdoors. When the founders’ outdoor kit started falling to bits, they decided to make their own. And Alpkit is the result. They’ve got a great range of kit – I know, I’ve got a couple of gammas), but more importantly – an ethos to treat people right and do things the right way.

Anyway, the lovely people at Alpkit have decided to say thanks to you doing your bit for the Peak District by providing our August freebie. And this month, there won’t be just one lucky winner but 10!!

Alpkit have offered up 10 Viper headtorches. Great for camping trips, loading the car, hunting in the shed – great little lights.

And all you need to do is update @KoftheP with trail conditions in the Peak at some point in August.If each of you sends just one update a month, you’ll get about four updates a day. Not a bad return on your investment eh?

So keep updating for a chance to win.

Ride. Tweet. Update.viper_colours_1200_803auto

Image conscious…

Social Media Toolkit-02Anybody who knows me will tell you I’m not really that focused on how I look. As long as it’s comfortable/practical/not offensive it’s a winner as far as I’m concerned. And as far as my bike goes – well the words ‘coordinated’ and ‘colourway’ are not often used when people try to describe my battered old Zesty.So when the very kind folk at offered to give @kofthep and a bit of a makeover, I couldn’t really argue! They’re visual experts in their field – and perhaps more importantly, they’re lovers of the Peak – so they get what KoftheP is all about.So a few conversations later, some creative wielding of digital crayons and a healthy dose of artistic flair, Greg came up with the things you see on this page. And I rather like them. The new look Twittersphere is there now – nice shiny new suit – and I’ll be updating the website when I get time. Hope you like it.I’ve been heavily involved in a number of campaigns now – reassuringly with the backing of you 1500 fantastic followers – so now, when you see something with the logo below stamped on it, you know that KoftheP is involved; protecting the Peak, looking after the riders and fighting our corner when it comes to access and rights.And all you need to do, as always, is….Ride. Tweet. Update.CheersKofthePSocial Media Toolkit-01

July’s freebie – light fantastic 

It might seem a weird time of year to be giving away lights, but here’s my thinking: many of you are heading out in the evenings and enjoying yourselves so much you’re getting caught out by sunset on the ride home. 

So, how about a free triple rear light to make you a bit more visible heading home or to the pub?

MTB Batteries specialise in producing top quality batteries + lights for the mountain biking world (and beyond)!

And I know. They’ve built up some batteries for me to replace some cheapos I bought that went pop. And they’re still going strong! Indeed, the picture above is me coming down Stanage Plantation with MTB Batteries’ illumination!

So this month’s freebie is a free triple rear light from MTB Batteries. Great quality stuff.

And all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is tweet an update to @kofthep

Cheers all



Sheet happens…


Following this thread on Ride Sheffield’s Facebook page, I’ve decided to give away 15 space blankets.

It’s a piece of kit that really can save lives, but people never seem to think about getting one. Thankfully I’ve never had to use one, and I hope you will never have to either, but it’s a nice insurance policy to have. So here you go.

I’ll send one to the first 15 people who follow + tweet @KoftheP with the hashtag #NoSheet

While you’re there, why not share an update on trail conditions? The more the merrier!

Stay safe folks, and if you can’t stay safe – be prepared!



June’s free giveaway

We’ve got another cracker for you this month.Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 09.37.29

Bike Rehab is a Sheffield city centre based bicycle service and repair centre focused on quality, convenience and exceptional customer service. They’ve also been known to fix my shambles of a bike on numerous occasions. And it’s always service with a smile.

This month, Alex and Jake at Bike Rehab have offered a free general service* to the winner of our free giveaway. It’s their way of saying thanks to you for being Keeper of the Peak – doing your bit to look after the Peak District.

As always, all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is ride, then tweet an update of conditions to @KoftheP. You’ll then be entered into our draw for the prize, which we’ll announce at the end of the month.

So get tweeting! KoftheP is nothing without you.


*not including parts

Best route to a freebie…?

This month I have not one free giveaway, but four!IMAG3975

Vertebrate Publishing have given us some of the finest mountain biking guide books money can buy, and – doing their bit for the Peak – they’ve also given us a free robust winter loop. The ‘all weather loop’ has become a popular go-to route when it’s wet, boggy and typically British.

So it’s great to be able to offer four of you the chance to win a set of Dark and White Peak guide books from VP.

As you can see,”White Peak Mountain Biking – The Pure Trails” and “Peak District Mountain  – Dark Peak Trails” are more often than not my starting point for route ideas. From a quick blast to a longer day out – or just climbs and descents – they have it all, with great descriptions and good maps. Written by locals too. They know the trails!

What better way to inspire you for a summer of riding?

All in all, it’s a top prize to win. And all you need to do to be in with a chance is to ride your bike and tweet the conditions to @KoftheP.

I’ll let you know who’s won at the end of May.



It’s freebie time….


Time to find out who’s won our April freebie.

This month, James at the Bike Garage will give our lucky winner a free fork seal replacement as thanks for you being part of Keeper of the Peak and for you playing your part in looking after the trails around the shop!

Why not take a few minutes to have a look at some of the brilliant trail work the Bike Garage team do – wielding a spade as well as wielding a spanner. And pop into the shop if you’re in the area.

So who’s won this month? Drum roll please……..

Paul Smith @grumpytechnoph1


Thanks for being part of @KoftheP Paul. We’ll put you in touch with James and you can arrange getting your forks set for summer. If it ever arrives….

Now to choose next month’s prize 🙂